Hunting down a psychotic killer who smashed a puppy until death in Baan Moh District, Saraburi Province.


WDT was informed by a volunteer working at Finding New Home for Puppy that during the follow-up one case of an adopted puppy, he received a VDO clip from a new owner smashing the puppy on the floor until it was dead with a message ‘your puppy was dead’.

WDT received a complaint from the volunteer at Finding New Home for Puppy in Saraburi Province that after giving the puppy to its adoptive owner who claimed that his residence was in Baan Moh district, he tried to contact the new owner to update the situation. Instead he received a violent VDO clip of the adoptive owner smashing the puppy until death. Then the owner blocked his contact on Facebook, did not answer the telephone call and later other communication channels were also blocked.

The volunteer asked the WDT to help catching this person who committed animal cruelty as soon as possible. He deeply regretted and admitted that he was careless not to ask for a proof of residency before giving the puppy away. He did not expect the man was a psychotic who would caused a painful death of the puppy.

WDT arranged a meeting for the victim to meet Superintendent of Baan Moh Police Station: Pol. Col. Chanapak Suwanchuen and reported a crime.

The police traced the phone number and located the owner address. WDT accompanied the police to observe the investigation under the Superintendent of Baan Moh’s supervision.

The police set up an entrapment on a new adoption. The delivery was arranged at a petrol station to a husband and his wife which led them to be arrested for further investigation.

The police searched their rented room and the the pattern on the floor was the same as shown on the VDO. The scene will be thoroughly checked for more evidence.

Please update the news for further investigation on our next post.

Thanks to
Superintendent of Baan Moh Station : Pol. Col. Chanapak Suwanchuen
Deputy Inspector Baan Moh Station : Pol. Capt. Tongkam Pohyai
Law Firm: Anon Weeramacha (Lawyer)
Volunteer People Network: Watchdog Thailand

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