Watchdog Thailand Foundation

WATCHDOG THAILAND (WDT) is a nonprofit animal welfare organisation encouraging enforcement of the law to protect animals from being trafficked and abused.


Before the Cruelty Prevention and Welfare of Animal Act B.E. 2557 (2014), many foundations and organisations throughout Thailand tried independently to solve the problem of stray and abused animals. However since Thailand did not have animal welfare legislation and the law relating to animal welfare was very limited it was difficult to address the problem of stray dog, the dog meat trade and animal abuse. This opened the door for merciless and greedy traders to benefit from dog meat trading, slaughtering and abusing, and Thailand became a convenient gateway for the dog meat trade in South East Asia.

WATCHDOG THAILAND’s fight started with building connection with government offices. At that time there were only two acts that could be enforced: the PUBLIC HEALTH ACT and CONTROL OF ANIMAL SLAUGHTER FOR THE DISTRIBUTION OF MEAT ACT, B.E. 2535 (1992). WDT continuously discussed the aspects of problem with The Royal Thai Police with the kindness of then, Pol.Gen. Adul Sangsingkaew, Commissioner of The Royal Thai Police who acknowledged the importance and urgency of the issues. The first meeting was held on 14 July 2013 and the results became one of the priority policies of the Royal Thai Police.


WATCHDOG THAILAND was assigned to produce a memorandum of understanding on animal cruelty prevention and suppression with the Natural Resources And Environmental Crime Division. The Dog Meat Trade Special Taskforce was established with a group of policemen who were given authority to investigate and arrest under the supervision of The Provincial Police Region 4.


Meetings were arranged to inform policemen all over the country and to introduce the existing laws and legislation, and encourage the use of informant practices to lead to arrests. Campaigns, posters and meetings were used to ensure that government offices in every region in Thailand would clearly understand the policy and actively work on the cases.


Finally the hard work to enforce the animal welfare act was successful. The CRUELTY PREVENTION AND WELFARE OF ANIMAL ACT B.E. 2557 (2014) was promulgated on 27 December 2014. Since then WATCHDOG THAILAND has coordinated with relevant government offices to enforce the law and encourage people to use this legislation to protect animal rights.

In traditional Thai culture, providing food for stray cats or dogs is one way to express kindness to animals and gain merit. However this maintains, rather than addressing, the problem of stray animals. WATCHDOG THAILAND hopes for the cooperation from government and private sections to fight and solve the roots of the problem of stray animals, the dog meat trade, dog meat consumption and animal cruelty, especially in the North and North-Eastern parts of Thailand.

WATCHDOG THAILAND has tried to work through education, widening of legal information, investigations and prosecutions, to improve the living conditions of animals, prevent cruelty and promote kindness.


The coordination between The Royal Thai Police, Department of Livestock Development, Administrative Offices of Sub Districts, Districts and Provinces, Royal Thai Navy MaeKong Riverine Patrol Regiment and WATCHDOG THAILAND have prevented and stopped many cases throughout Thailand.


WATCHDOG THAILAND does not work alone but relies and depends on the kindness of donors to support, fight and end this merciless trade. Our work is the proof that thousands of animals have already been saved, and we need your generous support to continue this fight, no matter how long that will be.

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