We help animals all over Thailand

Our organization was responsible for forcing the legislation to enact the first animal welfare law in Thailand and enforcing a more severe punishment to violators which resulted in the minimization of animal abuse and the complete eradication of the dog meat trade in the country.  Our desire is to continue our work by using the law to protect animals, use our resources to  help those who are in critical conditions as efficiently as possibe, educate the public and assist government officials in ensuring justice be met to those who violate it.

We also want to see a more animal-friendly method in dealing with strays which should also be favorable to humans. With your support we can make a sustainable future where it’s possible for both humans and animals to co-exist peacefully.


Watchdog Thailand ( WDT) began with an increased awareness of Purita Watanasak, the founder, that Thailand had a huge challenge at hand with regard to animal treatment for both breed and non-breed dogs. For ten years, international trading of animals had become the norm. People would mercilessly slaughter wild animals, even pets, to satisfy their greed for a bit of money. Although laws gave mandate against animal abuse, it wasn’t imposed or binding enough for local and national government to uphold. Sadly, even the government itself took part in dog meat trading. To have seen so much for a long time I knew sitting back wasn’t going to change anything. Something had to be done.
I admit that I do not have much. I live a regular life as an ordinary woman. But what I know I have is the intense love and compassion for mistreated animals. So with the help of some influential and good friends back in university coupled with the people I’ve befriended over the years we came up with a petition called Prevention of Cruelty and Animal Welfare
Provision Act 2557 which impels animal owners to provide appropriate care and shelter and to stop illegal meat trade. It took a while for us get the bill approved by the Senate but the government took notice and granted us special credentials to start with. The Memorandum of Understanding is an incorporated assistance with the police special task force to investigate and if need be, apprehend anyone found to be involved in the dog meat trade. When the bill was passed and approved it gave legal weight for us to pressure the local and national government into sanctioning every person who breaks it. This is how Watchdog Thailand was birthed. We did not start as a foundation or a non-profit organization like many others but ours humbly began with just a small group of people who have genuine compassion for mistreated or abused animals.
But even after we found the solution to legally prohibit dog meat trade in Thailand the need to protect pets or stray dogs all over the country called for a much bigger purpose. Using our own resources, we took cases of animal abuse. It did not take long for others to help fund our work as people began to sympathize with our cause. The local media and social sites proved an effective channel to get our mission across. People started to find comfort calling in to report all kinds of animal abuse they’ve witnessed or were done to their own pets.
The height of our premature success moved us to officially register Watchdog Thailand under the Prevention of Cruelty and Animal Welfare Provision Act 2557 as a legitimate animal welfare organization. Our main job is to work together in partnership with relevant government agencies such as the Royal Thai Police and the Department of Livestock Development to implement strict ordinance of animal abuse and penalize those who fail to adhere.
What started as a desire to save helpless and exploited animal lives, grew into a desperate outcry that moved people and organizations to set their compassion in motion. And because of the resilience of the people of Tha Rae Sakon Nakhon province, trading dog meat was eradicated completely. But the battle is only half-won. People’s ignorance of the law or the lack of awareness of it hinders all animals, pets or wild dogs alike, to be protected or rescued from inhumanity.
Watchdog Thailand is determined to educate and reinforce people’s understanding of the significance of the Animal Welfare Law. And to reiterate that non-compliance to it has consequences.
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Mission and Vision

  • To educate the public of the Animal Welfare Law so they may be well-informed of its great significance to animal protection and fight against abuse.
  • To bridge the gap between the public and the law so that immediate and proper actions be exercised in accordance to the Animal Welfare Act of 2014.
  • To advocate for affordable medical treatment and hospitalization for household pets including stray or wild animals
  • To influence and motivate the local livestock officials and authorities concerned to the appropriate and immediate use of allotted funds against animal mistreatment as well as to provide food and shelter for stray animals.