WATCHDOG THAILAND is a nonprofit organisation with the aim of taking Legal measures under Animal Cruelty Prevention Laws. We protect animals from trafficking and being abused or injured.


Watchdog Thailand Foundation

We are a nonprofit animal welfare organisation working to protect animal from being trafficked and abused by enforcing the law under the Animal Welfare Act.

We are dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abused animals and continue to be animal protectors.

Animal Rescue Statistic

Our work covers the north and
northeastern parts of Thailand.
Northern and Northeastern Parts of Thailand 60
Middle Part of Thailand 22
Southern Part of Thailand 18

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Contact local police or WDT or make an online complaint.


Update current situation on our FaceBook page or News and Events.

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The Story of Watchdog Thailand Foundation

Legal Cases

Two Siberian husky dogs were brutally smashed on the head.
A man used a meter long stick hit on the heads of two Siberian husky dogs until dead. Nikom Kamsoi Sub District, Mukdahan Province. Shitan and Namtan, were jogging behind their owner into the village. After taking her eyes off them for a few seconds, she called them for an attention and they responded with three barks. The owner did not expect that would be the last three sounds from her dogs. A few minutes later she heard many thumps. She ran towards the sounds and saw the dogs were dead covered in blood. Her cousin raised an open range chicken farming in the village. Shitan and Namtan went into his property and got hit on the heads many times until the skulls were broken. When the owner of the dogs and her daughter rushed to the location from where the noise came, they saw both of their dogs lying...
March 18, 2022
A fifth cat was hung with a nylon rope – Warin Chamrap District, Ubon Ratchathaini Province
A cat was found hanging with a nylon rope, weighted down by a gallon of petrol. Huey Kayung Sub District, Warin Chamrap District, Ubon Ratchthani Province Tragic photos and a report on a cat found brutally hanging with a nylon rope was sent to Watchdog Thailand. This stray cat was trapped with a noose, hung between a fence and the other end of the rope tied to a gallon of petrol. The neighbour who raises many cats complaint that five cats were hung this way before but he did not want to report at the police station. An action was taken by Volunteer People Network Ubon Ratchathani and Watchdog Thailand to investigate for more information in order to prove whether it was an accident or an intention to harm animal. The report was submitted at Huay Kayung Police Station. If it is proven that the incident was done by a...
March 2, 2022
A dog was cold-blooded shot dead at Wat Bot District, Phitsanulok Province
A kind dog,KaiTom, was accused of killing a chicken but there was no evidence and he was shot dead. The owner did not have confidence to file a report or give statement at the police station because he was afraid that the shooter was having close relationship with policemen. WDT was informed of an animal cruelty incident. KaiTom was a kind dog. He would follow anyone who called him. The owner of KaiTom, an elder man living with his nephew, claimed that the shooter was a powerful man. The shooter has a chicken farm and used to have an attempt to shoot another dog before but the dog got away. This time the ill-fated KaiTom got shot. Pol. Col. Wisuth Klaisang Superintendent Wat Bot Police Station was contacted by WDT. Officers were sent to investigate the scene of shooting for further evidences. Government officials have duty and power to press...
February 9, 2022


If an animal is in imminent danger, please contact your local police.
If your local police department is unresponsive, call WATCHDOG THAILAND at +66 8389 8384 or you may contact WDT by writing a complaint here or on our FaceBook page.

Please note that WDT does not represent individuals in private lawsuits or giving legal advice for your individual cases.

Telephone : +66 8389 8384

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Please write down evidence of abuse or neglect. Note the date, time, location, and a thorough description of the suspicious behaviour or physical signs of cruelty.