WATCHDOG THAILAND is a nonprofit organisation with the aim of taking Legal measures under Animal Cruelty Prevention Laws. We protect animals from trafficking and being abused or injured.


Watchdog Thailand Foundation

We are a nonprofit animal welfare organisation working to protect animal from being trafficked and abused by enforcing the law under the Animal Welfare Act.

We are dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abused animals and continue to be animal protectors.

Animal Rescue Statistic

Our work covers the north and
northeastern parts of Thailand.
Northern and Northeastern Parts of Thailand 60
Middle Part of Thailand 22
Southern Part of Thailand 18

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Look for physical signs of cruelty or observe its living conditions


Contact local police or WDT or make an online complaint.


Update current situation on our FaceBook page or News and Events.

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The Story of Watchdog Thailand Foundation

Legal Cases

A VDO clip of ‘Thong’ a dog repeatedly hit many times by his owner was touched by animal lovers all over the country. WatchDog Thailand rescued this cute little sweet three-year-old dog and forwarded him into the care of Elephant Nature Park foundation. Thong will be examined by a veterinarian for any injury or diseases. The father of the dog owner had given permission to recue Thong. His son will be sent to Suan Prung Psychiatric Hospital for treatment. Now Thong is safe and will not be beaten anymore. Old Post: Dog can’t be saved yet. The perpetrator refused to see the police.The police officer from Chiang Mai Provincial Police Station joined with Department of Livestock Development may have to request a search warrant from the court to investigate and rescue the dog. Further update from a violent VDO clip posted on WatchDog Thailand Facebook Page,...
A tragic complaint was received by Watchdog Thailand. A Scottish cat was bagged and left in a field because a man who raised chicken was afraid that this cat would attack his chicken.‘Jordan’ was a grey Scottish cat lived with his owner in Wang Saphung District, Loei Province. On May 22, 2022 Jordan was missing. On 24 May the owner found him in a sack with shallow breath and blood coming from his mouth. The sack was left in a sugar cane field nearby. Jordan died later. The suspect lives near this field.A man caught this cat and put it in a sack was seen by a witness who reported to the owner of the cat because the man was afraid that the cat might eat his chicken.The cat owner went to give a statement at the Nong Ya Plong police station but the officer refused to take the case...
May 1, 2022‘Para’ and ‘Papang’ two dogs got loose from their house late at night. At 4 am. the owner found out that the dogs were missing and just about to go out to find them when he saw ‘Para’, one of the dog waiting at the gate but ‘Papang’ was not there. The own went to look for him around the village but could not find it anywhere. He decided to ask the village headman to announce that if anyone found Papang please report to the office.In the morning of May 3rd, the village headman was informed by telephone that a body of a dead dog was left in the wood. Later it was confirmed that it was Papang’s body.The owner had done his own investigation to find out who brutally killed his dog. He heard villagers talking about one particular house owner who mentioned that a dog bit...


If an animal is in imminent danger, please contact your local police.
If your local police department is unresponsive, call WATCHDOG THAILAND at +66 8389 8384 or you may contact WDT by writing a complaint here or on our FaceBook page.

Please note that WDT does not represent individuals in private lawsuits or giving legal advice for your individual cases.

Telephone : +66 8389 8384


Please write down evidence of abuse or neglect. Note the date, time, location, and a thorough description of the suspicious behaviour or physical signs of cruelty.