Village Headman gunned down an American Bully dog in Pobpra District, Tak Province.


Rambo was a lovely and playful dog, on 12th December 2021 he was accused of biting the mother of the Village Headman. The owner kept Rambo on a leash in his house and went to negotiate the compensation and medical expense at the Village Headman’s house. All should end with mutual understanding but it did not.

Village Headman of village 6, Moo 9, Pobpra District, became hot headed and abused his authority by going to the owner’s property and killed Rambo with his gun.

An innocent life ended because of one’s authority was abused.WDT will never let this disappear neither let this incident become quiet.

The Propra District Chief, Mr. Sompon Foongtaweewong was contacted by WDT and he assigned Deputy District Chief to investigate the crime scene for the disciplinary and legal actions.

The owner of the dog filed a lawsuit on three cases1. Offences of Trespass2. Animal cruelty and3. Offences of Mischief including Firearms Act

Justice for one innocent life.We hope now Rambo would become an angel in heaven.Follow the case of Village Headman gunned down a dog in Pobpra District, Tak Province.Prevent and stop animal cruelty in our country with WDT

Thanks to

Propra District Chief, Tak Province: Mr. Sompon Foongtaweewong
Superintendent at Propra Police Station: Pol.Col. Surintaradit Tipcharoen
Law Firm: Anon Weeramacha (Lawyer)
Volunteer People Network: Watchdog Thailand

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