SLAUGHTERING AND GRILLING DOG FOR FOOD. Nakorn Chai Si District, Nakorn Pathom Province


January 31, 2022

A complaint made to WDT on slaughtering and grilling a dog for food. Three dogs were raised in a factory in Nakorn Chai Si District. A caretaker brought dinner for them but found only two dogs and one was slaughtered and barbecued as food.

WDT coordinated with Pol. Col. Natapong Mookdahan, Superintendent Nakorn Chai Si Police Station to deal with this case. Police officer was assigned to visit the scene and the head of the workers will be inquired for detailed information.

We must find a person who responsible for grilling the dog for food.

Closely follow this case under supervision of Nakorn Chai Si Superintendent with WDT.

February 2, 2022

A District Court in Nakorn Pathom made a sentence on a man who brutally killed and grilled a dog for food. The man pleaded guilty, his penalty was reduced by a half. He was sentenced to one month imprison with one year suspended sentence and a fine of 5,000 THB.

The penalty regarding animal cruelty has always been too weak.

Thanks to

Pol. Col. Natapong Mookdahan, Superintendent Nakorn Chai Si Police Station, Nakorn Pathom Province
Law Firm: Anon Weeramacha (Lawyer)
Volunteer People Network: Watchdog Thailand
Citizen who reported Animal Cruelty

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