Mixed Pug and Chihuahua dog breed was kicked to death – Phra Samut Chedi District, Samut Prakan Province


WDT received a complaint on a case of a fourteen year old mixed breed dog between Pug and Chihuahua named “O-ie”. He was kicked in the middle of his body and found dead. The suspect was a neighbor.

The owner of O-ie went to report this case at the police station but the officer refused to take a statement. WDT contacted Acting Pol. Col. Vichanwit Keikan Superintendent at Sakla Police Station for the cooperation to allow the owner of the dog to give a statement.

O-ie was raised inside the property of the owner but twice a day he was let to go outside to relieve himself in the public park of the compound near his house at noon and evening. On 16th January 2022 around 1 pm. O-ie went outside while the owner kept his eyes on him in case the dog relieved himself at the neighbor’s property. If so the owner would later collect it.

That day the owner opened the gate and let the dog out. Then he heard the dog cried so he went to check what was happening and the dog ran back to the second floor of the house. After 15 minutes the owner went upstairs and saw O-ie lying weak on his bed. The owner lifted him up and found that O-ie mouth was pale. He carried him down stairs and tried to check whether the dog could stand on his own. O-ie could not control his excretion or got up. He lied down and went into convulsions. The owner took him to nearby veterinary immediately but O-ie’s life could not be saved.

The owner brought the body home and one of the neighbors informed him that he saw O-ie was kicked at its stomach which led to convulsion and death.

It’s not difficult for the legal action to be taken to the final when there was an eyewitness on the case. Also there was no reason for the policeman to refuse to take a statement.

Police cannot have any excuse not to take a statement on Animal Cruelty especially when there were an eyewitness and evidence.

Wait and see how this case will be handled by the police at Sakla Station, Phra Samut Chedi District.

RIP O-ie

Thanks to

Acting Pol. Col. Vichanwit Keikan Superintendent, Sakla Police Station, Phra Samut Chedi District, Samut Prakan Province
Pol. Lt. Col. Aswin Seemacharoen Deputy Superintendent (Inquiry), Sakla Police Station, Phra Samut Chedi District, Samut Prakan Province
Law Firm: Anon Weeramacha (Lawyer)
Volunteer People Network: Watchdog Thailand

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