Dog killed in Chiang Kan District, Loei Province


May 1, 2022
‘Para’ and ‘Papang’ two dogs got loose from their house late at night. At 4 am. the owner found out that the dogs were missing and just about to go out to find them when he saw ‘Para’, one of the dog waiting at the gate but ‘Papang’ was not there. The own went to look for him around the village but could not find it anywhere. He decided to ask the village headman to announce that if anyone found Papang please report to the office.
In the morning of May 3rd, the village headman was informed by telephone that a body of a dead dog was left in the wood. Later it was confirmed that it was Papang’s body.
The owner had done his own investigation to find out who brutally killed his dog. He heard villagers talking about one particular house owner who mentioned that a dog bit his chicken so he killed it. This man described that he chased the dog until it fell into a pond then called it to come forward. This dog was normally very familiar to human so it came back to the man then it was killed.
The wounds on the dog showed a severe injury on the head, eyes came out from the sockets and his legs were tied.
The owner was coordinated by WatchDog Thailand to give a statement at police station on two accounts : Animal Cruelty and Offences of Miscief so the damage could be compensated and also to prevent this overdo action in the future.
Please follow the crime scene investigation by the policemen in Chiang Kan District, Loei Province with WDT.
Thanks to
Pol. Col Samnau Gruikratok, Superintendent, Chiang Kan Police Station, Loei Province
Pol. Lt. Col Kanapot Pukongnam, Deputy Superintendent, Chiang Kan Police Station, Loei Province
Pol. Capt. Raewut Boonyam, Deputy Inspector, Chiang Kan Police Station, Loei Province
Law Firm: Anon Weeramacha (Legal Adviser)
WatchDog Thailand Rescue Team (WDTR)
Citizen who reported Animal Cruelty case
Volunteer People Network from Watchdog Thailand Foundation

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