A Poodle dog has skull fracture caused by a forceful hit from a neighbor.
Phen District, Udon Thani Province.


The owner left ‘PEPSI’ a Poodle dog at her grandmother’s house before going to run some errands. Later she was informed that her dog was hit on the head by a neighbor who lived opposite house. Pepsi was covered in blood and unconscious.

The owner of Pepsi contacted WDT. She was advised to give a statement at the police station. The copy of police report can be used to claim for compensation on Offenses of Mischief but the family was afraid to report the crime.

WDT contacted Pol. Col. Chalit Seehanu, Superintendent Phen Police Station for coordination to find justice for Pepsi. The case under the Cruelty Prevention and Welfare of Animal Act shall be deemed to settle under Criminal Procedure Code and is a Public Offense. Even though the settlement might be agreed by both parties but the case still has to be prosecuted.

April 2, 2022 Pol. Lt. Col. Boonchan Chaichat, Inspector (Investigation) was assigned by Pol. Col. Chalit Seehanu to investigate the crime scene and prepared to call the owner of Pepsi and the neighbor for further interviews.

WDT filed a complaint and gave the statement at the police station on behalf of the owner. No one has right to abuse animals without proper cause.

The condition of Pepsi on the first day was unresponsive but today his eyes response to light and recognize his owner. This day is the day that Pepsi will get justice by law under CRUELTY PREVENTION AND WELFARE OF ANIMAL ACT, B.E. 2557 (2014).

Thanks to
Pol. Col. Chalit Seehanu, Superintendent Phen Police Station
Pol. Lt. Col. Napat Jumwanta, Deputy Superintendent (Investigaion), Phen Police Station
Pol. Lt. Col. Boonchan Chaichat, Inspector (Investigation), Phen Police Station
Law Firm: Anon Weeramacha (Lawyer)
Citizen who reported Animal Cruelty
Volunteer People Network: Watchdog Thailand

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