A month old puppy’s nose and mouth were cut by knife. Ban Groad District, Buriram Province.


MOMMAM, a month old puppy, was accused of biting a chicken. The farm owner cruelly cut his mouth and nose with a knife.

This farm was equipped with CCTV, Mommam owner requested to see the footage but was refused by the farm owner.

SOUND OF ANIMAL has provided necessary help on medical treatment while Mommam owner sought for advice on legal matters from WATCHDOG THAILAND. The owner of Mommam could not accept the accusation on the puppy biting the chicken when there is no evidence.

The owner was asked by the head of the village not to give a statement at the police station but WDT disagreed. Animal cruelty is a Public Offences and a non compoundable Offence.

Pol. Lt. Col. Narongrit Pandang, Chief Inspector at Nong Mai Ngam Police Station, was contacted by WDT to supervise this case to get its justice according to the law.

Often victims are asked to settle cases by leaders of community or police officers just to stop work load or more problems on them. They would recommend people to compound or have empathy on the wrong doers. At the end the persons who commit the offence remain impenitent.

To compound is suitable for human not for injured, dead or abused animals. More important if there is no penalty for the offenders, they will repeatedly commit animal cruelty.

We must end any form of animal cruelty by taking legal action to the final and demand justice for animals and for ourselves.

Please follow the case of an unfortunate puppy ‘MOMMAM’ with us.

Thanks to:

Pol. Lt. Col. Narongrit Pandang, Chief Inspector at Nong Mai Ngam Police Station, Buriram Province
Law Firm: Anon Weeramacha (Lawyer)
Volunteer People Network: Watchdog Thailand

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