A man grilled a dog for good was caught. Khon Kaen Province


A man killed and grilled a dog for fool claimed the dog stole his fish.

WDT worked in coordination with Animal Crime Reporter to give a statement at the police station on Animal Cruelty after receiving a tragic VDO on a dog that was killed and grilled for food by a man in Nhong Pue Train Junction community. This is to prevent similar cases from happening again.

This case was assigned to Sila Police Station by Pol. Lt. Col. Supan Kukpilat, Deputy Superintendent Muang Khon Kaen Police Station. The police from Sila Police Station inspected the crime scene and brought a man who lived in a shed nearby for further investigation.

This man claimed that the reason he killed the dog because he was rage after the dog stole his fish. Circumstantial evidence said otherwise. The man in the VDO clip regularly hit dogs on the heads and grilled them for food. He has no regular job and commits petty theft to survive.

This man was informed of the charge. Documents are prepared and filed by the police to commence proceedings. The punishment might be only a small fine which he could not afford or suspended sentence but we hope that he will go to jail.

Thank you for the VDO clip from Khon Kaen citizen and for reporting the crime with the police. We should prevent the Animal Crimes from happening again.

Thanks to
Pol. Col. Preecha Kengsarikit, Superintendent Muang Khon Kaen Police Station, Khon Kaen Province
Pol. Lt. Col. Supan Kukpilat, Deputy Superintendent Muang Khon Kaen Police Station
Pol. Lt. Col. Anuchit Padungchart, Inspector (Investigation) Sila Police Station
Law Firm: Anon Weeramacha (Lawyer)
Volunteer People Network: Watchdog Thailand

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